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Nina McCaulley

Following is a continuation of the first-person account by Michigan homecare owner Nina McCaulley on her experiences when she joined the Filipino-American trade mission to the Philippines in the first week of October 2014.

Day 4 (October 20): The Subic Bay tour is something to remember. For the first time I heard that no corruption in this area of the Philippines is tolerated. Even the SBMA (Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority) President I was told is always on time. But it seemed like Subic is the place where investments are probably high because there is no red tape, no corruption. The sea port is there, and there is a new airport. In the vicinity are other cities, and the friendliness of the people is evident. There is easy access to conduct and apply for licenses of business. Is this one of the reasons why so many investors, especially Koreans, all of a sudden have come here?

The Animal Show was awesome! The care they are giving to the animals was outstanding! It shows to all of us that Filipinos are loving and passionate people and we always excel in anything we do. We have tender loving hearts.

Day 5 (Oct 21):  The Clark International Airport is very nice. I’m glad that this is an airport that can serve people up north and help alleviate the congestion in Manila.

The Mekeni Corporation is an awesome, from-rugs-to-riches story about a family. It is very inspiring! It tells us that Filipinos are very hardworking people. They can climb to the top if they give their hardest. When you care and put people before yourself, miracle happens because we are children of God, and God knows who are the ones who are selfless. It feels like i walked with them (Mekeni owners) from the beginning. That’s how moved I was with Tatang Felix. Not a word to describe  his story. Nakakaiyak talaga!

The dinner at San Fernando City, Pampanga was again another event to remember. Those children made me cry. They are the future of our nation. We need to nurture them, give them all the chances, raise them right, guide them so they can be the best of the best. Our nation would be right again only if the children will walk the right pathway.

The Pampanga products, especially the organic and the healthy oils,  remind me of my Lola who was using grasses and plants to cure minor illnesses like. I felt so at home.

We have so much products and we need to show them to the world, share the world with what we have. And the people of Pampanga are doing just that. (To be continued in next issue)