Press Briefing by Sec. Ricky Carandang
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MANILA — Malacanang expressed confidence that it can iron out some issues raised by a mining stakeholder in the implementing rules and regulations (IRR) of the new mining policy of the Aquino administration.

In a recent press conference in Malacanang, Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office Secretary Ramon Carandang said they are closely looking at the concerns raised by the Chamber of Mines of the Philippines that Section 9 of the IRR is illegal and might impact
on future projected investments in the industry.

The Chamber of Mines has warned that the government might miss its P16-billion investment target for the mining industry because of some provisions in the new mining order.

Explaining the government side on the issue, Carandang said, “Once these issues are ironed out, we believe that we will have a clear set of rules with little ambiguity that will encourage mining companies to come in.”

companies to come in.”“We’re aware of the concerns and we’re discussing it in the MICC Mining Industry Coordinating Council (MICC)
as to whether or not those concerns may have some basis.”

The Palace official said the reason why investments have not come into the mining sector is because of uncertain rules and policies in the mining

Carandang said the government tries to create a set of general principles and rules under Executive Order 79, which will allow more productive and responsible mining operations in the country, adding that the IRR will refine what is contained in the EO 79.