Carlito Mojica, Jr.
Carlito Mojica, Jr.
Buying a pre-owned or used car is sometimes difficult because of the possibility that the vehicle you’re buying could be a lemon.

So what are the things you should know about pre-owned cars before you buy one?

Many car owners believe that the mileage is an important factor. The longer the mileage the less reliable the car is, they say.

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But Filipino-American Carlito Mojica, Jr., who is the e-commerce and business development director of LaFontaine Automotive, said that while mileage is indeed important, there are other things the buyer should consider.

In a interview, Mojica said, “Mileage does play as a factor in the overall value of the vehicle. But reliability and performance are characteristics of how well the engine has been maintained and the current condition of the vehicle.”

He said that “all our pre-owned vehicles must pass safety inspection. We also recondition the vehicles by replacing the brake systems, installing new tires and recommending maintenance ways before the sale of our vehicles.”

The buyer, Mojica said, should also ask the question: Is it eligible manufacturer preowned certified program? The buyer may also ask about the car’s accident history.

He said he always recommends service/ maintenance plans at the time of purchase for the buyer’s peace of mind and for less maintenance cost in the future.

Mojica said that as of last week, LaFontaine had an inventory of 2,092 new vehicles and 1,058 pre-owned vehicles. These were being sold at La Fontaine stores in Michigan.

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According to him, small sedans and SUVs are “the strong volume leaders” in sales. The fuel-efficient gasoline sedans are still preferred by buyers over hybrid cars although the prices of hybrids are “in the same ball park as those of our other gasoline sedans,” he noted.

He said that at present the cheapest preowned car in LaFontaine’s inventory is a Nissan Altima which is priced at $2,277, and a Fisker Karma EcoSport is the most expensive with a tag price of $79,846.

LaFontaine provides after-sales services and charges only $9.95 for oil change for most models and makes.

LaFontaine is a well established company which has been selling vehicles for over 25 years.

Mojica has been selling cars for 10 years now. It’s the money that attracted him to the car-selling business. His first job was selling pizza at Little Cesar’s Pizza.

His physician-father hails from Vigan, Ilocos Sur, and his mother is from San Carlos City.

Born in Michigan, Mojica is a graduate of Oakland University.

He attributes his success in business to his being never complacent and his being always consistent. His motto: Veni, Vedi, Vici (I came, I saw, I conquered).

He is married to Nicole, and the couple has four kids – Bryce, Blake, Braxton and Lillia.