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CLINTON TOWNSHIP – “Our customers can try before they buy.”

This business policy of Gerard Giacona, owner of the Filipo Marc Winery at 39085 Garfield Road, Clinton township, Michigan, appeared to have been attracting many wine connoisseurs to his store.

Speaking before members of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce-Michigan (PCCM) during the chamber’s networking event held at his store last August 17, Giacona said that his customers are allowed to taste the wine before the buy.

In this way, he said, they “know exactly what they are buying, and as a result, many of them speak highly of our products.”

Giacona’s wife, Teresa, said that the customers are allowed to taste three times the different kinds of wine. The wine tasting, she said, is done every day, and people who drop in are offered to take a swig before they pay for the wine they choose to buy.

The tasting session helps the customers select from the 87 kinds of wine for sale. With so many kinds of wine on display in racks, the task of selecting could be pretty difficult, but the Giacona couple and an employee are always around to answer questions the customers may ask.

The labels of the bottles can also help the customers as these indicate the classifications of the wine. These include dry to semi-dry white wines, dry to semi-dry red wines, sweet specialty fruit wines, blush or rose wines and dessert wines.

The labels also indicate the countries from where the wine originated. The chardonnay, for example, originated from Argentina, Australia and Chile. There are also wines that originated from Germany, France, Italy, California (US), Canada and South Africa.
Mrs. Giacona said that the crushed grapes they use for the wine making come from many parts of the world. The grape juices are stored in stainless steel barrels that were imported from Italy.

She said they took over the winery in 2004 and started operating the store the following year.

“Many people like our wines because these are unique and different,” she said. She added that of the 87 wine selections the store sells, the most saleable are the Promegranate Wildberry Zinfandel and Rainforest Red (acai raspberry cabernet).

Commenting on the characters of the Filipo Marc wines after tasting some, outgoing PCCM President Ryan Rosario said the red and white wines he tried did not cause any headache to him.

Some of the wines pack a wallop but after several minutes, the alcohol bite fades away, he added.

But Mr. Giacona told Rosario that if he drinks two or three bottles on one occasion, the headache can be pretty nasty.


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