Examinations and tests can be a stressful time, not only for the students but even for the parents whose children have exams around the corner. There are many ways to improve your performance in tests, and today we’ll talk about seven effective and efficient tips, which might help a student boost his exam performance, and bring about a change in his scores drastically!

  • Plan before you Start – The biggest difference between those perform well in tests and those who do not, is planning. The top scorers plan well ahead of time, and then they work only according to their established schedule. They do not wait until the last moment to plan things in a hurry and get half the things done, instead of arranging everything in advance, and stick to it till the last moment. You get your exam dates at least 2 weeks before the exams start. You may do a lot in those two weeks, instead of waiting for the last minute to plan something. In those two weeks, you may learn things, prepare your subjects that you are weak in and put yourself into a study routine, such that you do not panic when the exams start.
  • Set your Biological Clock – Once the exams start, you might not have time to fall into a routine. Hence, it is good to do that beforehand. You get a lot of time to prepare for exams, and in that time, the best thing you should do is set a routine. Follow a sleep schedule, and wake up at same time. Once you do that for a week, you should adapt to it easily and follow the same routine during exams as well. It might help you wake up on time, and sleep on time, such that without destroying your sleeping pattern and being an insomniac, you should prepare for exams.
  • Seeking Online Assistance – Sometimes, before exams some students have pending work of college or school, which does not let them start their preparations until the last minute. To avoid that, you may seek some online assistance and get help from experts who are proficient in writing papers for college students. It shall help you get into the routine, and follow your schedule in a planned way, when you will know that you have outsourced your work already and it is being taken care of.
  • Avoid Last Minute Preparations – Last minute preparations only add to the panic, and do nothing good. Avoid doing anything at the last minute, because either it might confuse you, or you might go blank in the examination, and end up spoiling everything. When you study something at the last minute, you are messing up with your brain’s chemistry, and whatever you have learned in past week might start to fade and you would be confused between what is right and what is wrong.
  • Focus only on the Examinations, and not on Result – Some students do not study for examinations, they study for the result. They worry and panic about what will people say if they failed? They also worry about getting good scores, such that they may show it to someone they hate! Stop thinking all that, and focus only on the test. Such thoughts will only divert your mind from the actual goal and make you a part of the race you do not want to run.
  • Avoid Talking to People who Panic – There will be many of your friends who will be panicking at the last moment. Such people tend to put others too in a panic-mode. Avoid talking to them for some time, and if possible, only focus on positive stuff that helps you excel. Thoughts affect the other person deeply, so people who panic themselves, also end up making others worry about stuff unnecessarily.
  • Stay Calm on the Day of Exam – When the final day has arrived, you need to stay calm and be composed, such that you can perform well. Being into a composed state will not only help you focus better, but it will also help you avoid stupid mistakes like missing out on reading certain questions and writing wrong answers in a hurry. Once you are relaxed and calm, you can think thoroughly and produce an excellent quality result.
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These tips will not only help you during your exam time, but even throughout life. Once you embrace a routine and schedule for doing your work, it becomes a habit that lasts for long. Once, you learn how to remain calm in tensed situations, you gain a lot of control over your mind and you perform well in every walk of life. You can learn many things from your exam preparations that will help you in the adult life after graduation as well.